Roster Summaries and Notes

This section will have a series of roster summaries. Due to length and layout, they’ll be available as links. Subscribers have access to detailed rosters.

Other railways will be added in time.

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Canadian Northern

All Time Roster Summary

Roster Summary Electric+Gas

Grand Trunk

All time roster notes



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  1. Carroll Cameron says:

    I’ve been researching the Albert Southern Railway that ran between, what today, is, Riverside-Albert and Harvey and Alma in South East NB’s Albert county. The railway was completed in 1891. It operated for 3 yrs, between 1891-1895, until the shoddily built duel Shepody Bridge (“vehicles” & rails) over the Shepody River collapsed, sending the combine to the muddy tidal flats below. With such a short life there is very little substantial info on the rail line itself, just snippets here and there, but, there’s absolutely no shortage of politics from all 3 levels of gov.

    The ASRy did buy a used engine from IRC, and a new one from ???. I had my doubts that I would find anything on it, but, after a period of time I ended up here. So I joined and started going through the 1867-1912 listing, and wow, there it was. Engine Nº 84, a 4-4-0. Couldn’t believe I found it.

    So, thank you for all the work that was put into this website. Looking through it, it is a great resource that I, and I hope all users, certainly appreciate it.

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