The great majority of the locomotives in these lists were built, used and disposed of long before the compiler was born or websites were even thought of.  Therefore, the information is of necessity not a first-hand experience, but must come from other sources.

Thus, this site is primarily a marriage of information from the CRHA (Canadian Railroad Historical Association), which maintains archives at EXPORAIL at Saint-Constant, Quebec, and from Allen Stanley’s RAILDATA.

The EXPORAIL archives supplied stock books for the Canadian Northern, the Intercolonial/Canadian Government Railways, and the Grand Trunk. Also used were extensive unpublished notes from Ray Corley.  Thanks goes to Josée Vallerand for her time and for the extensive copying of the original materials.

Allen Stanley provided exhaustive and comprehensive information on Builders’ Lists, railroad locomotive rosters, and second-hand locomotive sales.

The Canada Science and Technology Museum Archives provided more builders’ information. Their website contains many photographs of Canadian steam locomotives (many of them mislabeled).

Particular thanks go to Eugene Connelly, for his decades of research into locomotive trades and sales.

Special thanks also go to Herb MacDonald for providing hundreds of pages of government records on the Intercolonial and its predecessors.

Colin Churcher provided information on sales to industrial operations.

The principal published sources are Anthony Clegg & Ray Corley’s “Canadian National Steam Power” and Omer Lavalle’s “Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives”.

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