Delegate Admin

Albert travels to Canada from time to time, and this site is administered from Brasil.

During his absence, Renate will be (self) assigned Delegate Admin, and will keep the site updated. Any comments you might want to put up will be regularly read by Albert, so feel free to input your thoughts and suggestions.

You can blame Renate for any faults regarding the blog.  She’s still learning… Any praises go to Albert for his amazing scope of research.

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4 Responses to Delegate Admin

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Albert, this is Peter, your intellectually precocious former AAPEX student. I’ve subscribed to your site and have read through most of it. I bookmarked it and will be checking back periodically in the hopes of seeing you update it.

  2. Albert Baird says:

    Hi Peter, this is Renate, Albert’s self-appointed delegate admin and alas, I haven;t done much on the site during his absence. However, keep looking for new stuff later in the year – he’ll be back at at the end of October and things will be updated then.

  3. jpp452 says:

    Renate, I guarantee you are underestimating your value.

  4. reni33 says:

    Thank you John, you’re most kind.

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